Live Ink has come a long way in the past year.  With the overhaul of our website, I wanted to revisit the about us page. Reading over the old one I realize just how far Live Ink has come.  Starting this company has absolutely been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  There have been countless all nighters, impossible problems, and times of low morale.  That being said, every obstacle overcome has made us stronger, and every satisfied customer has given us validation.

We’ve had our hiccups along the way, but after one year of business we haven’t missed one deadline, or had one review that wasn’t 5 stars.  This isn’t a fluke or a secret.  Give us a call and find out why.  We’re friendly, knowledgeable, but most importantly we do great work.

With the purchase of our vinyl cutter, we’ve been able to expand into new markets.  We are proud to announce that we now offer vinyl for doors, windows, and cars.  We can also do small runs of customized shirts for things like custom jerseys, and stickers!  We plan to continue growing and reinvesting in ourselves so that we can meet different needs and stay ahead of the game.

Thanks to everyone who has done business with us in the past year.  We are only still around because of our awesome customers.  And that right there is the key to our business model.  We try to be excellent to people, with the belief that the excellent people will stick around.  And they have :) I won’t boast to be the best company in the world, but I will say that Live Ink has the best customers of any company in the world.  Thanks for helping to make Live Ink a reality, and we look forward to another awesome year!


We hired LiveInk to do some promo sweatshirts for our company re-branding. They were prompt & professional in replying to all our requests, offered some great recommendations in terms of color choices and less expensive options, and did a killer job on the final product. Overall, a great experience and a great result.
Would definitely recommend LiveInk!

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